Students shall take part in Scientific Inquiry built upon the theme of ‘Environment and Energy’ as prepared by KSA.

Students will be assigned to teams of 3-5 members with whom they will be asked to resolve challenging issues together. Each team will consist of international students and Korean students. Students should come up with specific solutions through scientific methods such as, information processing, data acquisition and analysis, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and management. Students will take instructions from teachers and carry out activities at a theme-related location. Teachers will evaluate the inquiring a solving process, research notes, and presentation of results. An outstanding team from each sub-theme will receive a reward.

1. Determination of compounds with designed polarimeter / Dr. CHUN Man-Seog

2. Decommissioning (safe and environmentally sound and efficient) / Dr. YOON Sanghyun

3. Research on production and performance of Hydrogen fuel cells / Dr. KIM Wonjeon

4. Alive 3D printed fractals / Dr. LEE Jong-Rim, Dr. KIM Hun

5. Design of a propeller for wind energy / Dr. JUN Byeongeog

6. Can plants save the earth from global warming / Dr. PARK Ki-Youb

7. Build your own musical instrument / Dr. KIM Young H.

8. Understanding inorganic porous materials / Dr. CHOI Eun-Young

9. Chemical analysis of desalination / Dr. CHUN Man-Seog