Students shall work together on a Research Project on the theme of Environment and Energy and present the results. Other topics are also possible.

All presentation sessions will involve students to take part in active discussion and to learn various research models as well. Each team should consist of 1-4 high school students. All materials including posters and presentations should be prepared in English. No preliminary round for participating teams from high schools outside of Korea. A preliminary round will be conducted to select about 10 teams each from the Korean high school group and KSA. The best presentations will be awarded.

Research Project Presentation has three sessions. (All participants must take part in the first and the second sessions.)

1. Multi-media Session

The first is multi-media session using around 1 minute-long visual media such as edited photos or animation with narration (or subtitle) to introduce the research which can be played in 'Windows Media Player' on a laptop prepared by KSA. The presented material should be explanatory and vivid enough to bring attention to the subject and the research. Please note you need to send the visual media by email as attachments up to 40MB (HD 720p / 1280*720) in size. Click the samples. ( Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample4 )

2. Poster Session

The second session is a poster presentation in a conventional format. Each participating group needs to prepare and bring their printed poster. Please note the following information for the preparation of your poster: Prepare your poster to fit the dimensions not exceeding 90 cm wide x 120 cm high. (Do not use more than one panel for a single topic.) Put the title and the name of the author(s) at the top of the poster as stated on the submitted abstract. The text, illustrations, etc. should be bold enough to be read from a distance of 2meters. Tacks and technical equipment will be available for mounting of the posters.

3. Oral Presentation Session

Oral presentation is for a 10 minute-talk and a 5 minute-Q&A. If using Power Point presentation, please note you need to send it by email as attachments up to 20MB in size. This third session is not obligatory, but highly recommended. Please indicate in the registration form if you do not plan to present orally.

In the registration form each research team should check out two categories.

1. First, what is your subject category?

Choose one of the [ Mathematics / Information Science / Physics / Earth Science / Chemistry / Biology / Engineering ]

2.Second, what is the fuel of your research?

Choose one from [Serendipity / Convergence (Intergration) / Interest (Fun) / Application / Grit (Perseverance)]. Think of using the acronym 'SCIence AGe'. Among them what word does explain your research best? We want you, the future scientists, conceive your research in different perspectives like many science researchers who had a big leap by those essential traits. For example, if you began your research from an observation of very interesting (fun) phenomena you can check 'Interest', or if you think your success of research was achieved by your grit (perseverance) in a long process, then choose 'Grit.'